Animal Hospital Photo Tour

Welcome to Alaska Veterinary Clinic! Please, feel free to take a virtual tour of our clinic!

Alaska Veterinary Clinic has been located at the corner of Fireweed Lane and Cordova in midtown Anchorage since first opening in 1958!

There is always a friendly and helpful receptionist to assist you when you enter our clinic. In our reception area you will find education pet videos and pet magazines to leaf through during your brief wait to see your veterinarian. We stock an array of Hill Prescription Diet pet foods as well as dental treats and supplements to help keep your furry friend healthy.

Our exam rooms are equipped with computers to access your patients electronic medical record. The computers in each room also allow us to show you, the pet owner, digital radiographs that we may have taken on your pet or quickly print or e-mail a handout for you to take home about your pets care.

Our surgery suite is where we perform surgeries such as spays and neuters, growth removals procedures and orthopedic surgeries.

Our in-house laboratory allows us to quickly analyze urine and fecal samples and perform most blood tests in just under 15 minutes. By having an in-house laboratory, it allows us to perform up-to-the-minute diagnostics on our patients so you can start treatment on your pets without delay.

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