Pet Pics

The team at Alaska Veterinary Clinic loves your pet photos! Please share your favorites with us and we will post them onto this page.

Shasta: Shasta hails from Kodiak Island where she was adopted from the Kodiak Animal Shelter 3 years ago and now enjoys her furr-ever home in Wasilla with her doting family.

Han: A German Hunting Terrier, was a lucky fellow, adopted from Friends of Pets in 2012.

Lucy: Lucy is Han's big sister and she shows him all of the good hiking trails in Anchorage.

PeanuT: Peanut, the miniature Rat Terrier, is Alaska's smallest height dog for flyball. She is a proud member of Alaska Dogs Gone Wild and an unofficial mascot of Alaska Veterinary Clinic.

Mr. Puppy: Mr. Puppy will always be a puppy no matter how old. He is a mixed breed that we affectionately call a Great Alaskan Pom-Pin.

Brodie and Gauge: Brodie and Gauge, both English Setters, love swimming during summers in Alaska. Brodie just graduated from wearing a life-jacket to swim.

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